filmwerk + nonsense

Here’s my final project for Will Vinton’s Stop-Motion Animation class at Portland’s NW Film center.
We were given several audio files to choose from, which we then used to build a story around. I chose this quote from the Godfather, which I supplemented with some extra dialogue (can you nerds out there tell me what it’s from?).

Update: You can see a work-in-progress version at Aaron Wong’s (DP, Cinematographer) Vimeo.

Currently I am working with Studio.Pebble as an animator and visual-effects artist on a stop-motion commercial for local clothing company Oh-Buggy. Here’s a shot of the puppet and set…

The WIP version will be screening at the Baghdad: 03/03/2011 at 09:00 PM.

Tools Used:

An animated music video made in 2004-5 for the musical group Health & Beauty.